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Kukakuka ~ Let’s Talk Story

Starting from humble beginnings ‘Ono Hula was but an idea which started over 23 years ago.  Learning to cook for the masses and getting the desire to expand the flavors of the pallet started the dream but a new.


From the memories of the days spent in camp kitchens to standing in the lines of the Army Mess Halls the want and desire to expand the taste pallet was born.

After spending 20 years catering for gatherings and parties on the side it was time to bring this passion into the lime light.  In the winter of 2007 The Weenie Hut Mobile Catering was formed. 


The Weenie Hut started out just as the name states but a mere mobile hot dog stand.  With offerings like the Carolina Dog and the Texas Dog the desire to bring an expansion to the local pallet began.


In October 2009 The Weenie Hut moved to the next phase of its mission with the creation of The Starvation Rescue Squad.  Through the use of The Starvation Rescue Squad’s lunch truck The Weenie Hut was able to bring its food to the masses. 


Sadly in September 2010 The Starvation Rescue Squad met an untimely end when a driver not paying attention talking on a cell phone crashed into the back of the truck destroying the working end of the truck.  But much like the mystical phoenix through losses comes but a new and greater opportunity.


Bringing three things into one the all new ‘Ono Hula truck was formed.  With the love of cooking, the lessons learned from the Hawaiian Islands and the ability to be mobile allows The Weenie Hut Mobile Catering with its diversity in many types of cuisine and its ability to go where the local pallet desires we are here to serve you.


Bringing the same great foods of the Hawaiian culture much like the Great Food Trucks one finds in the Hawaiian Islands from the Shrimp Trucks on the North Shore to the Plate Lunch Trucks found on the streets of Honolulu and Waikiki the ‘Ono Hula Truck will bring you instant memories of a tropical vacation without leaving the area. 


In every culture and family memories and good times are almost always tied to not only the moment at hand but also through the food that we eat, The 'Ono Hula Truck will make those memories and good times come through in every dish.

‘Ono meaning  "delicious" and Hula meaning "to tell a story" what better way to tell a delicious story than through our food.  Come find us so you can taste the stories we are sharing today.

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